I grew up receiving 5 years of piano lessons courtesy of "Nana" (my paternal grandmother). In college I took up the guitar, courtesy of a roommate. I've owned Gibson (nylon strings) and Ovation guitars until recently. I very much appreciate guitar music, especially Mark Knopfler's, and enjoy music recordings. Some favorites:

Youtube Videos
  1. Mark Knopfler - Sultans of Swing, Walk of Life, Postcards from Paraguay, Hill Farmer Blues
  2. Celine Dion - Ziggy, J'attendais, Ave Maria, Quand on n'a que L'amour
  3. Jason Mraz - Love Someone, 93 Million Miles, I'm Yours
  4. Andrea Bocelli - Dare to Live, Vivo Per Lei
  5. Chris Isaac - Wicked, Blue Hotel,
  6. Lady Gaga - Born this Way, Alejandro, Paparazzi
  7. Jake Bugg - Broken, Simple as This
  8. Ed Sheeran - Perfect
  9. Jackie Evancho - Angel, Ave Maria, To Believe
(If links are broken, search Youtube, they replace videos occasionally).

Some Favorite Duets
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